Currently July

All Star-

So I guess, to be honest, I feel like I have the ability to be an all star at anything I put my mind to!
I'm super excited about being a part of the July Currently Linky! Things have been so exciting the last couple of weeks. Today I got to visit my new classroom. Although I sincerely hate to leave my wonderful Roseland Family, I am looking forward to this new adventure. It would be nice if I had walked in to a beautiful light to seafoam blue- newly painted classroom, but who doesn't like going to look at those paint swatches/thingies? It's like picking one crayon! One educlips set! So, I am going to do a before and after in the hopes I will get more than one single follower on my blog! LOL! (no, seriously) 

Thank you so much to the Louisiana Teacher Blogger Meetup Family for posting such wonderful comments. I will get there!  It's only really been a month since I really started trying to blog- so if you happen to stop by and read this- please follow me and join THIS new and wonderful ride- I promise lots of laughs and for you to learn a thing or two or three.......... Have a great day! Here's my CURRENTLY thanks to 

Oh Boy 4th Grade for sponsoring, and I promise to follow the rules!!! And a big shout out to team USA Women's Soccer. You ROCK!


  1. Hi Philicia! Your blog is beautiful, too! I Love the manatee photo! I am actually kind of envious that you are allowed to paint your room! I am sure it will be gorgeous! I look forward to seeing the before and after photos! As soon as I finish this post I'm going to follow your blog! I love seeing upper grade classrooms! (I have always taught 4th, 5th, or 6th.) I hope you have a fabulous year! Carol's Teaching Garden

  2. HI I love your blog! I just read your comment from when you visited my blog through our bloghop. Always nice to "meet" other Special Ed Bloggers.
    I didn't know if you knew about a facebook group called Special Education Bloggers. Its an open group where blogger like us can come and discuss and collaborate on a variety of topics. Heres the link: Hope to see you there sometime!