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Best Highlighters for the Classroom

In the exciting world of education, having the right tools can make all the difference. One of these essential tools is the highlighter, which has proven to be a lifesaver in the classroom for both students and educators.

It helps them emphasize important concepts, organize information, and deepen their understanding of the subject matter. However, with so many options available, it can be tough to choose the perfect highlighter that fits your classroom needs.

This guide is here to help you explore a wide range of vibrant options that cater to different learning styles and instructional preferences. Whether you're a teacher looking to spice up your lessons or a student wanting to unlock the potential of your notes, this guide will help you find the best highlighters that will truly light up your learning journey.

Best Highlighters:


Sharpie Highlighters

Many teachers love using Sharpie highlighters because they offer bright colors that last a long time. These highlighters are super easy to use and make it simple to highlight important parts of a text or document. I specifically love to use these highlighters when I am reading my teacher manuals and want different parts to stand out!


Stabilo Boss Original Highlighters

Have you ever heard of Stabilo Boss highlighters? They're pretty amazing! Not only do they come in a range of bright colors, but their ink is also top-notch quality. One of the coolest things about them is their anti-dry-out technology. Even if you forget to put the cap back on, the ink stays fresh and doesn't dry out. So, you can count on these highlighters to last you a long time and always give you consistent results. Perfect those times when you or students forget to put the cap back on after a lesson!


Zebra Mildliner Highlighters

Zebra Mildliners are pretty cool pens with soft, pastel colors that are easy on the eyes. Plus, they have two tips - one fine point and one chisel tip - so you can use them for all sorts of highlighting and underlining needs!


Uni Propus Window Highlighters

Uni-Ball's highlighters are cool! They have a see-through tip that lets you highlight with accuracy. If you need to highlight something just right, these highlighters are worth checking out.



Pilot FriXion Light Erasable Highlighters

If you're a teacher who likes to make revisions or modify your highlights, then you'll find these highlighters to be the perfect solution. These remarkable FriXion Light highlighters offer erasable ink, which means you can easily remove or adjust your markings without any residual marks or damage to the paper.


Whether you're a teacher spreading wisdom or a student soaking it all in, the right highlighter can be your sidekick. Here's to a future bright with knowledge and a classroom that's anything but dull. Keep highlighting, keep learning, and keep rocking that educational journey!

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