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Classroom Technology Gadgets

Experience the classroom of tomorrow, where technology transforms learning into an adventure. From interactive whiteboards to upgraded headsets, explore the coolest gadgets shaping the future of education. Get ready to be impressed!

Whiteboard Technology

Teacher Classroom Technology

Student Classroom Technology


Whiteboard Technology

Have you been introduced to the impact of whiteboard technology in classrooms? It's a game-changer! This technology has made teaching more dynamic and interactive, resulting in a fun and accessible learning experience for students. With visual aids, teachers can demonstrate complex concepts and engage students in a new way.

Whiteboard technology equips us with essential digital skills as we prepare for the digital future. Embrace this enriching and interactive way of learning and align your teaching with the modern world that we live in today!

Portable Presenter Clicker

As a teacher, possessing a Portable Presenter Clicker in the classroom is essential. This gadget lets you move around freely creating an interactive learning environment. The clicker allows you to administer quizzes and polls, modify lessons on the go, and manage your class more efficiently.


clicker 2

iPhone Projector

Using iPhone projectors in the classroom is like having a magical window to a world of learning! With the ability to display content from our iPhones onto a large screen, lessons become much more engaging. Teachers can showcase videos, use interactive apps, and even show students' work with crystal-clear quality. It's like having a mini-movie theater right in the classroom! Not only can we all see things better, but we can also ask questions and engage in discussions. iPhone projectors make learning an adventure, which is why they're a crucial tool in our classroom toolkit.


Using hover cams and document cameras in classrooms is great! They help make teaching interactive and give visual clarity that helps all students understand the material being presented. Teachers can even highlight and explain concepts directly on the images they project.


Plus, students get to participate more, and it's perfect for both in-person and remote learning.

document camera

These tools accommodate different learning styles and make demonstrations of experiments and hands-on activities more effective. Overall, hover cams and document cameras are valuable for modern classrooms and enhance visual learning.

Magnetic Timer

In the classroom, magnetic timers can add a fun and helpful dimension to time management. These small timekeepers are easy for both teachers and students to set and monitor, allowing us to stay organized and on track during activities and lessons.

They offer a visual countdown that shows us how much time remains to complete tasks or transition to the next activity. Additionally, their magnetic properties enable them to stick to metal surfaces such as a whiteboard, making them incredibly convenient. By adding a little excitement to time management, magnetic timers make the classroom a more engaging and efficient place to learn!


Teacher Classroom Technology

Wireless Doorbell

A wireless doorbell is a useful gadget for the classroom as it enhances communication. This promotes a smoother flow of activities especially stations and classroom transitions and prevents interruptions during lessons. The wireless feature eliminates the need for complex installations, making it a convenient solution to ensure efficient communication and controlled access within the classroom setting.


Wireless Keyboard & Wireless Mouse

A wireless keyboard and mouse are valuable gadgets for the classroom due to their flexibility and convenience. They provide teachers with the freedom to move around the classroom while maintaining control over presentations and lessons. This allows for more engaging interactions with students and enables seamless transitions between different teaching materials. These wireless devices allow for reduced clutter on desks( which what teacher doesn't love a clutter-free desk!)

Intelli Scanner

An intelligent scanner for books is a valuable gadget for the classroom as it revolutionizes the way educational materials are accessed and shared. This device allows teachers and students to quickly digitize printed content, enabling easy storage, organization, and distribution of information. This gadget allows the ability to have text-to-speech features for students with reading difficulties, making learning materials more accessible.

intelli scanner


A laminator is a valuable gadget for the classroom as it enhances the durability and versatility of educational materials. Laminated materials are also resistant to spills and damage, making them ideal for interactive activities and hands-on learning as well as being able to be used long term! I use my laminator for personal and professional use which makes it even more handy!

Wireless Microphone

wireless microphone

Soft voice? Need a little excitement to engage your students? A MICROPHONE is your answer! The mobility provided by a wireless microphone enables educators to move around the classroom, interact with students, and maintain their natural teaching style without sacrificing audibility. Students can even use this microphone to present which can help with presenting/communication skills from elementary to high school!

Label Maker

Organization your thing? Yes?? Then it is time to grab a label maker! With its ability to quickly create clear and legible labels, you can categorize classroom supplies, storage bins, and teaching materials, ensuring easy access for both teachers and students.


Student Classroom Technology

Charging Base

charging base

A charging base is a valuable gadget for the classroom because it addresses the growing need for device management and accessibility. In today's technology-driven education, students often bring their own devices to school, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It minimizes the

inconvenience of searching for available outlets and eliminates the risk of devices running out of battery during important tasks or lessons.


Headphones are essential gadgets for the classroom as they provide personalized audio experiences to students. They enable the ability to focus on specific educational content without distractions from things that are going on in the background.

Headphones also allow students to work on activities at their own pace which is helpful in a shared learning environment. Headphones promote a quieter atmosphere, reducing disturbances for both students and instructors. This leads to enhanced concentration, better comprehension, and an overall improved educational environment.

Headphone Splitter

Headphone splitters allow multiple people to share audio from one device. They're useful in classrooms for collaborative activities and promote shared learning experiences and effective communication among peers. This affordable tool improves classroom dynamics and encourages active participation.


Technology gadgets are our trusty sidekicks! From wireless keyboards that give us freedom to move, to clever transitional doorbells these gadgets are changing the game. Imagine clear lessons with wireless microphones, and organized chaos with label makers. Enjoy the new technology gadgets that will make your everyday lessons and classes smooth and organized!

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