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Classroom Whiteboard Tips & Tricks

Hey educators! Get ready to level up your teaching game with these 3 fantastic classroom whiteboard tips and tricks.


Kitchen Sponges & Dark Colored Cloth

Are you looking for some innovative ways to make your whiteboard more effective? Look no further than these unconventional whiteboard hacks! Did you know that kitchen sponges (you can cut them in half to make smaller erasers for your students to use during classroom instruction) and dark-colored clothes can be used to transform your dry-erase boards? It's true! Using these simple materials, you can add a unique twist to your classroom setup and make your whiteboard more functional. So why wait? Give these whiteboard hacks a try today and see the difference they can make!

kitchen sponge eraser


WD-40 for Classroom Whiteboard Perfection

Discover an astonishingly effective technique for maintaining your whiteboard in immaculate condition! Uncover the power of WD-40, an unlikely hero in the quest for a pristine writing surface. With this secret weapon, you can effortlessly keep your whiteboard free from stains and blemishes, ensuring that it is always ready for your next presentation or brainstorming session.


Source: @getmomdeals


Explore Surfaces Beyond Whiteboards

It may surprise you to learn that Expo markers can be used on far more than just whiteboards. By utilizing these remarkably versatile markers, you can unleash your creativity on a variety of unexpected materials. These include non-porous surfaces like glass, mirrors, ceramics, laminated papers, plastics, and even metals.


By incorporating these classroom whiteboard techniques and strategies into your teaching, you'll be able to design captivating lessons that spark curiosity and participation. You'll discover the limitless potential of your whiteboard and witness your classroom flourish with innovation and engagement.

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