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Teacher Essentials - 20 Must have items in your Teacher Bag

Teachers often carry a heavy load, including in their bags.

Use these teacher-tested ideas for inspiration!


Teacher Bag Items

Prepare to assemble the perfect teacher's supply kit with these essential items!


Teacher Essentials Supplies - Writing Utensils

As a teacher, it's important to have writing supplies readily available for grading papers, reviewing the curriculum, and organizing your schedule. Keeping pens, pencils, highlighters, and Sharpies in your bag will set you up for success.


Have pens readily available ensures that official documents and paperwork can be signed or completed with legible and professional-looking handwriting.


useful for emphasizing important information in textbooks, student work, or lesson plans. Different colors can be used to indicate specific instructions, categorize information, or highlight different levels of importance for visual organization and comprehension.


Versatile permanent markers that can be used for labeling containers and materials, creating posters and visual aids with their bold, long-lasting ink.


Great for writing, drawing, and correcting mistakes. They're especially useful in classrooms and for completing assignments. Keep spare pencils handy for uninterrupted participation in class activities. Students are always losing their pencils and you never know when you will need one!


Personal Care Supplies

Advil and Tylenol

Headaches can occur at any second so it important to have access to that immediate relief in emergencies and to help others.

Hand sanitizer

This is self explanatory especially working with children but hand sanitizer is crucial for disease prevention, convenience, and personal protection.

Feminine hygiene products

You never know when an accident might occur and you always want to be prepared for maximum comfort and hygiene.

Hair ties and claw clips

Practical for hair management, quick styling, and emergency situations! I am always putting my hair up spiratically during the day so having a clip available is the BEST!

Chap Stick

Useful for dry lips, weather protection, and comfort. Having chap stick is different locations ensures for you to always have lip balm available.

To-go Stain Remover

As a teacher, it's important to have a stain remover on hand for those inevitable spills on your clothes.

(Trust me it has happened to me mid drive to school)

These essentials can easily fit in your bag and save you from a ruined outfit.


Teacher Supplies in your Teacher Bag

As teachers deal with paperwork, they need tools to stay organized.


Who doesn't make mistakes? That is why Wite-out is essential in a teacher's bag. Wite-out corrects errors on documents with ease and no one needs to know!

Sticky notes

Serves as reminders and and allows for notes to be taken and taken off quickly. I also like to put sticky notes on student papers as well as writing weekly to do lists on sticky notes in my planners.


Helping with math instruction as well as grading/finidng percentages on the go! (You never know when your phone might be dead)

Paperclips and binder clips

Organizing documents and keep papers and pages together. Also.... allows for MAXIMUM organization!


Useful for classroom activities and emergencies!


Teacher Productivity Tools

Laptop and phone chargers

Teachers need a charged laptop and phone for lesson planning, online resources, communication, and presentations either during school or on the go!


Used by teachers to enhance their professional development. They can also be used to provide audio instructions or access to online content during free time or after school.

A planner

Helps manage their time, prioritize tasks, and stay organized to meet their professional obligations. You can use your planner even when you are not at school which is why it is an essential in your teacher bag!

Teachers have many responsibilities, such as lesson planning, meeting schedules, grading deadlines, and administrative tasks. It is helpful to have somewhere to write all information down so that it is in ONE place.

Water Bottles

An essential to stay hydrated and prevent dehydration-related fatigue, which promotes overall well-being and focus.

A lanyard

Provides easy and secure access to identification and keys, allowing quick access between classrooms and secure areas.


Those are my teacher bag essentials! What items do you consider essential for your teacher bag?

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