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What should be in your prize box for classroom rewards?

Welcome to my blog about your prize box for classroom rewards!

It's important to create a positive and motivating learning environment so that students can excel in their studies. One effective way to recognize and encourage their hard work and achievements is through a well-curated prize box.

In this blog, I'll explore an array of goodies and treats that will make any prize box exciting. From small tokens of appreciation to substantial rewards, I've got you covered with ideas that will inspire your students to strive for success.

Join me as I delve into a world of delightful incentives and discover how a thoughtfully designed prize box can shape a dynamic and enthusiastic classroom atmosphere. Let's make learning a fun-filled adventure together!


Math Cash

Before we dive into the exciting world of rewards, let's take a look at the different ways in which students can earn access to the prize bin. One option is to give out raffle tickets as a form of positive reinforcement for excellent classroom behavior. Another interesting approach involves using a special type of reward called "Math Cash." Please note that this is not actual money! Instead, it's a fantastic concept called "Math Cash."

"Math Cash" is a fun and engaging way to motivate students, especially in math-related subjects. As an educator, you can create special "Math Cash" that students earn for their academic or behavioral achievements. The beauty of this system lies in its ability to motivate students while teaching them valuable lessons in responsibility and financial management.

Once students receive their "Math Cash," they become the proud owners of this currency, responsible for its safekeeping and usage. They can visit the prize bin anytime and use their accumulated "Math Cash" to redeem rewards they genuinely desire. This process instills a sense of accountability and decision-making skills in young minds, as they learn to save and budget for items that may require more "Math Cash."

Math Cash Classroom Management

My firsthand experience with "Math Cash" in the classroom shows its resounding success. My middle school students loved the thrill of being in control of their earnings and setting targets to acquire items worth more than $5 as well as having their cash printed on BRIGHT paper. This dynamic system not only nurtures their passion for learning but also imparts essential financial skills that will prove invaluable in their lives.

The creative use of "Math Cash" as a classroom reward fosters enthusiasm, responsibility, and sound financial habits in students. Let's embark on this rewarding journey together, where learning becomes a joyous adventure!


Top 5 Sellers for Prize Box for Classrooms:

Every year, I ask my students to jot down 1-3 rewards they would want to see in the prize box of their classroom.

These rewards can be non-monetary in nature, such as a no-homework pass, getting to sit in a comfortable chair for the entire day, skipping a warm-up, having lunch with the teacher, or even getting to sit at the teacher's desk for the day. My students have thoroughly enjoyed these rewards that are available in the prize box.


Stress Balls

By including stress balls in the classroom prize bin, students can benefit greatly from improved well-being and a better learning experience. These squishy and tactile toys offer an effective way to manage stress and anxiety, which can often arise during the school day. Students can also use them as discreet fidget tools, improving their focus and concentration. This is particularly helpful for those with sensory processing differences, as the sensory feedback can promote comfort and engagement. In addition, stress balls act as self-regulation tools, helping students to release tension and maintain emotional balance.

Teachers can use stress balls as rewards to reinforce positive behavior and motivate students to achieve academic success. Furthermore, these toys promote relaxation and mindfulness, creating a peaceful and harmonious classroom environment. Overall, stress balls are a great addition to any prize bin, as they are inclusive, non-distracting, and contribute to students' overall well-being.


Poppers & Pop-its

Have you ever heard of Poppers and Pop-its? They're super cool toys that would make a great addition to any classroom prize bin. These toys are not only fun, but they also provide a unique tactile experience that can really capture students' attention. By pushing down on them, you get a satisfying popping sound and movement that can be both entertaining and calming. And get this - they're even helpful for promoting stress relief! So if your students need a non-disruptive way to release some pent-up energy or anxiety, Poppers and Pop-its might just be the perfect solution.

Plus, when you include these toys as rewards, you're not only making the prize bin more exciting, but you're also giving your students valuable tools to manage their emotions and improve their focus in the classroom. And that's not all - these toys also encourage social play and camaraderie among students, which can really help create a positive and supportive learning environment.


Mechanical Pencils & Regular Pencils

I think it's super important for classrooms to have a prize bin filled with mechanical pencils and regular pencils. Not only are these writing tools essential for daily academic activities, but they also make awesome rewards for hardworking students! Mechanical pencils are super convenient because you don't have to stop and sharpen them, while regular pencils are classic and great for note-taking and problem-solving.

By having both options in the prize bin, teachers can cater to individual preferences and let students choose what works best for them. Plus, having a steady supply of pencils easily accessible helps students learn to be responsible and take care of their writing tools. Pencils are more than just practical tools, too - they represent the importance of learning and creativity, reminding students of their academic journey and the power of ideas. So, having both mechanical pencils and regular pencils in the prize bin not only enhances the learning experience but also teaches important lessons about preparedness and appreciation of your materials in the classroom.



Stickers are seriously awesome and can bring a lot of joy to a classroom. They're so versatile and can inspire and motivate students in all sorts of ways. When a student gets a sticker, it can totally make their day! It's a little something to celebrate their hard work and progress. Plus, stickers are great for recognizing positive behavior and academic excellence. Teachers can use them to show appreciation for good deeds, completed assignments, or exceptional effort.

Let's not forget how creative and imaginative students can get with stickers! They can decorate their belongings or use them for craft projects. Since stickers are easy to use and come in all sorts of designs, they're perfect for personalized recognition. This can help students feel special and unique. All in all, stickers in the prize bin can create a positive and joyful classroom environment where recognition and celebration of achievements are a natural part of learning.


Shoe Charms & Crocs Jibbits

Have you ever thought about adding shoe charms and Crocs Jibbits to your classroom prize bin? It's such a fun way to let your students personalize and style their footwear! These little accessories come in all sorts of colors and designs, so your students can express their own unique interests and personalities. And because they're so easy to attach and remove, your students can trade and collect different charms, which will help them bond and form friendships with one another.

With so many different designs to choose from - like cute animals, favorite characters, or inspiring symbols - every student is sure to find something they love. Not only that but selecting and adding a charm to their shoes can be a really empowering experience that boosts their self-confidence and creativity. So why not consider adding some shoe charms and Jibbits to your prize bin? It's a great way to encourage positive behavior and academic achievement while creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere in your classroom.


We offer a wide range of small rewards in our treasure trove to motivate and inspire our eager learners. These rewards include colorful stickers, fun pencils, adorable erasers, and playful bookmarks. They are perfect for celebrating small victories and accomplishments. In addition to these small rewards, we also offer special prizes for more significant achievements. These prizes include educational games, captivating books, and mind-boggling puzzles. These items not only entertain but also encourage curious minds to explore further. We also offer unique reward currencies such as "Math Cash" or subject-specific currencies.

This approach empowers students to take charge of their earnings and save up for the items they truly desire. Our prize box offers a diverse mix of treasures that cater to every student's passions and interests. As educators, we are delighted to see the joy and motivation these rewards bring to our students. It reinforces the positive atmosphere we have created, where learning is not just about grades but also about growth and self-discovery.

Let's continue to nurture the spirit of enthusiasm and achievement in our classrooms through these delightful rewards. Together, we can inspire a generation of curious minds eager to embrace the wonders of education and the joy of lifelong learning.

Happy rewarding!

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